Hasselblad X1D

Announced June 22, 2016


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The Hasselblad X1D is a compact mirrorless medium-format camera. It uses a 50MP CMOS sensor (43.8 x 32.9mm), which the company says captures 14 stops of dynamic range. The camera offers a top ISO of 25600, an x-sync speed of 1/2000 sec and burst shooting at around 2 fps. Photos can be composed on a 3" touchscreen LCD or an electronic viewfinder with 2.36M dots. The X1D has dual SD memory card slots, audio in/out jacks, Wi-Fi and GPS, and USB 3.0. Video can be captured at 1080/25p. The camera supports Hasselblad's new XCD lenses and can use H-mount lenses via an adapter.


Excellent resolution
Extensive dynamic range
Intelligently implemented high ISO modes
Precise, accurate autofocus
Simple, to-the-point control system
Touchpad AF works well
Impressive solidity of build
Leaf shutter minimizes size and almost eliminates risk of shutter shock
USB 3.0 tethering option
Novel, customizable user interface
Nikon-compatible TTL flash system


Slow autofocus
Limited battery life
Somewhat laggy experience
No wide-aperture lenses available
Non-circular bokeh on many lenses
Leaf shutters add to lens cost
Occasional but significant risk of moiré
Camera's low-res JPEGs don't give 100% coverage
Significant rolling shutter in complete (silent) E-shutter mode
Simplistic Auto ISO implementation

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