Galaxy S9+

Announced July 9, 2018


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Samsung's Galaxy S9+ is a large, fast smartphone that's jam-packed with photography-focused features. But while it's certainly capable of great image quality, we found some issues with regard to capturing moving subjects, shooting under low lighting and when using 'Live Focus' portrait mode. On the other hand, 4K/60p video capture is of very high quality with good autofocus, and the screen on the S9+ is the best we've seen on a smartphone to date.


+ Dual optically stabilized cameras
+ Very good image quality from the wide-angle camera in good light
+ Fast, reliable autofocus from the wide-angle camera
+ Absolutely gorgeous, bright and color-accurate screen
+ Impressive video quality, up to 4K/60p
+ Great video stabilization at 4K/30p and lower resolutions
+ Dual-aperture gives the wide-angle sensor more light in dim conditions
+ Good-quality slow motion video
+ Built-in 'Pro' mode allows for manual camera control in default app
+ Screen adjusts contrast in real time depending on viewing conditions
+ Fully dust-and-moisture sealed
+ Retains standard microphone jack
+ Lots of fun photo modes and 'beauty' filters built-in


- Telephoto camera performance and autofocus is downright disappointing
- Portrait mode ('Live Focus') struggles, even in bright lighting conditions
- Too easy to accidentally swipe sideways on the screen and enter selfie mode unintentionally
- HDR can reduce detail, look unnatural, less effective than competitors' modes
- Noticeable lag when hitting the shutter to take a photo (worse on tele camera)
- Hesitant to raise ISO value or shutter speeds in dim lighting - can lead to blurry subjects
- Dual aperture feature of dubious real-world benefit over single, fast aperture
- Noise reduction obliterates detail at high ISO values, has noticeable multi-frame averaging artifacts
- Accurate color for photos & videos requires display mode switching

Quick Specs

OS Google Android
OS Version 8.0
Front camera effective pixels 8 megapixels
Back camera effective pixels 12 megapixels
Rear camera focal length 26 mm
Aperture 1.5
Autofocus Optical
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