Apple iPhone X

Announced Sept. 7, 2018


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The iPhone X is the newest flagship phone from Apple. It comes with twin optically stabilized 12MP rear cameras, a 7MP front-facing camera with 'TrueDepth' technology, artificial background blur and specialized lighting effects, DNG Raw file capture, and of course is otherwise a highly capable and extremely speedy mobile device.

And it should be, given the asking price: at an MSRP of $999, the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten, which I'll admit I'm still getting used to) is priced comfortably higher than many of its current competitors that also come with an emphasis on photographic prowess.


Good color and overall image quality
Dual cameras each offer stabilization
Portrait mode usually produces pleasing results
Innovative 'lighting' modes
Display has class-leading accuracy, contrast, color gamut
Front camera offers portrait mode
Very responsive
Intuitive default camera app
DNG capture with wide range of third party apps
4K/60p video is of high quality
Industry-leading compression methods


Default camera app offers limited control options
JPEG detail and sharpening lacking
AF can often hunt
Autofocus plummets in low light, leading to shutter lag that misses shots
Lightroom app and Raw capture disable Image Stabilization
Efficient new compressed file formats can be difficult to deal with on desktop
Portrait mode unusable in low light
Very slow shutter speeds in low light can result in blurry images
Portrait mode tends to blow highlights
Very slippery finish
Panorama mode can struggle in scenes with wide dynamic range
Expensive compared to its competition



The iPhone X has been built with an IP67 water-and-dust resistance rating, which basically means dust should never get in the p... read more

Oct. 22, 2018

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